Ep1 – The Realmsic Conquest: The Hero of Legend – Demethius Jackson

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I’m the host, Demethius Jackson. In this Chapter One episode, I introduce myself and the show to book lovers across the internet. This new podcast series begins with a reading of my book entitled, The Realmsic Conquest: The Hero of Legend.

The Realmsic Conquest is magical fiction that inspires. Or, as I often calls it, “Self-Help Fantasy.”  It chronicles the struggles of the world’s only magical kingdom.

From its establishment, The Realm has remained the only magical kingdom in existence. As a result, it has never known peace. For centuries, conquerors have sought the Realm’s power for themselves, while non-magical people known as Laymen have fought to eradicate magic from their lives. Although the kingdom has never fallen, it must now defend against the Warlord Damian – a brilliantly merciless conqueror who uses history as a weapon. Rallying those resentful of the Realm’s magic, Damian has amassed a Legion of Warriors – the largest military force ever assembled. The Kingdom’s defeat is eminent! Maebus, the Realm’s newest King, has only ruled for six days. Yet he must now lead the magical Realmsic Kingdom through its most perilous conflict ever.

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