Ep5 – ABCs of Intimacy – Dr. Kat Smith

In this Chapter One episode, I speak with Dr. Kat Smith. She will be reading from her Sexual Health book entitled, ABCs of Intimacy.

Many confuse intimacy with sex, but it is so much more. It is the stuff that forms a solid foundation for relationships. If we consider a house as love, and intimacy as the foundation supporting that love, then we understand that if ingredients in that foundation are missing, it can crack. If the foundation fails, so does the love.

Intimacy is an intoxicating cocktail of trust, respect, care, affection, nursing, honesty, sex , romance and more. It lasts longer than the 7 minutes of physical pleasure. It can endure a lifetime, if we know what’s involved.

The ABC’s of Intimacy explores all the ingredients and helps you understand their importance and value. We all seek to belong in a loving relationship with our lovers, spouses, family members and friends, but we must first begin with ourselves. Self love allows us to understand how love feels and when we know love for ourselves. We can embrace the idea of “Love thy neighbor as you love yourself” and know what we need and want in a loving relationship.

Whether you chose to purchase the book, listen to the audio program or attend a live event, the ABC’s of Intimacy is a gentle reminder of what may be missing or overlooked in your relationship.

Why search or wonder what is missing any longer? Reignite the passion, fun, and happiness you once shared. It’s as easy as ABC.

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Dr. Kat Smith
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