Ep12 – The Last Dragon – Taimak

In this Chapter One episode, I speak with Taimak Guarriello. He will be reading from his autobiography entitled, Taimak, The Last Dragon.

Berry Gordy’s Last Dragon is a legendary cult classic from the 1980s, filled with action, humor, and an iconic soundtrack. But when the movie ends, the true story of its unforgettable hero begins. Taimak was only 19 years old when he starred in The Last Dragon. He was already a champion martial artist, a bouncer at New York City’s famous clubs, and a budding ladies’ man. Over the next thirty years, he had many more adventures. He learned lessons, fell in love, made countless new fans, and discovered the spiritual strength inside himself.

Taimak’s life isn’t all about Hollywood, though – it’s a story that everyone can relate to. You’ll read about his battles with self-doubt, his encounters with racism, and the struggles that he faced as a lonely kid growing up in the big city.

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Photo ofTaimak Guarriello
Taimak Guarriello
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