Ep26 – Sentient – Victor Acquista

In this episode, I speak with author Victor Acquista, author of the SciFi novel, Sentient, an epic tale of humanity’s defeat and resurgence spanning 168,000 years of struggle… The novel includes many social themes woven into three intersecting story lines.

ATTEN ETTEN AYASTEN — “We are the Superior Mind”—rally cry for the telepathic Mind Warriors of T’rox, intent on being the supreme sentient race in the galaxy. In the distant past, our species narrowly escapes complete genocide by these warriors. We place our hope in a colony, but are forced to genetically block our own telepathic consciousness in order to evade detection. The loss of connected consciousness has devastating consequences.

T’rox is now a dying civilization, stagnant, and plagued by infighting. Their discovery of the Lost Colony, Earth, reinvigorates and unites their society under the banner of new conquest. The unique genomic profile of schizophrenia holds the key to unlocking the genetic block to unify humanity in shared consciousness, our only hope for survival. Unaware and unprepared, humanity’s fate lies in the hands of misfits and outcasts.

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Victor Acquista
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