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Ep33 – Trybal Gratitude Journal – Alexsys Thompson

Happy New Year to Everyone!!! In this episode, we’ll be featuring a tool to help you start 2018 off right! It’s called the Trybal Gratitude Journal, created by Alexsys Thompson. As Alexsys will explain, the journal is a culmination of a lifetime of practice, failure,

Ep20 – New Year Inspiration – Charlie Miller

Happy New Year! This episode is a temporary deviation from our usual format in hopes of bringing you some new year inspiration. On this episode, I speak with Charlie Miller, a writer, speaker, and successful basketball coach. Coach Charlie lives by the motto of “practice

Ep19 – 1:03 AM – Amber Jerome~Norrgard

In this episode, I speak with Amber Jerome~Norrgard. She will be reading from her essay collection entitled, 1:03 AM. Amber returns with her fifth essay collection. Written in the author’s comedic and honest style, Jerome~Norrgard grabs the reader from page one and doesn’t let go

Ep17 – Unexpected Prisoner – Robert Wideman

Today on Veterans Day, I speak with Lieutenant Robert Wideman of the US Navy. He will be reading from his novel entitled, Unexpected Prisoner: Memoir of a Vietnam POW. When his plane crashed on a bombing run in the Vietnam War, Lt. Robert Wideman feared falling into

Ep12 – The Last Dragon – Taimak

In this Chapter One episode, I speak with Taimak Guarriello. He will be reading from his autobiography entitled, Taimak, The Last Dragon. Berry Gordy’s Last Dragon is a legendary cult classic from the 1980s, filled with action, humor, and an iconic soundtrack. But when the

Ep10 – Voices from the Block – Ann Fields

In this Chapter One episode, I speak with Author Ann Fields who will be reading from her book entitled, Voices from the Block: A Legacy of African-American Literature. Voices is a collection of unforgettable short stories, poems and essays from emerging and established writers, members

Ep9 – Book of Rhymes – Romane Armand

In this Chapter One episode, I speak with Guinness world record holder, Romane Armand. He will be reading from his reference book entitled, Book of Rhymes: A Laxative for Creative Constipation. What rhymes with Google, or Beyoncé, or better yet, what rhymes with ORANGE? This

Ep7 – Un-American Acts – Dr. Cornell Thomas

In this Chapter One episode, I speak with Dr. Cornell Thomas. He will be reading from his Political Studies book entitled, Un-American Acts. Un-American Acts focuses on identity and invisibility of African American and other underrepresented youth in the U.S. society and schooling. Presented are