Ep88 – The Candle Of Crest – A Rhyming Epic Adventure

On today’s episode I’d like to share with you my latest audiobook entitled, The Candle of Crest – A Rhyming Epic-Adventure! Also known as audio dramas, or graphic audio, this version features a fully rhyming magical tale complete with music and sound effects. As Earth’s only magical

Ep87 – Gory Details – Erika Engelhaupt

On today’s episode, we’ll be speaking with Erika Engelhaupt, author of Gory Details: Adventures From the Dark Side of Science. Filled to the brim with far-out facts, this wickedly informative narrative from the author of National Geographic’s popular Gory Details blog takes us on a fascinating journey through

Ep86 – Dear Kamala – Dr. Peggy Brooks-Bertram

On today’s episode, we’ll be speaking with Dr. Peggy Brooks-Bertram, author of, Dear Kamala: Women Write to the New Vice President. As the first woman of color elected as the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris broke through many barriers and made history, energizing

Ep85 – The Bad Muslim Discount – Syed Masood

On today’s episode, we’ll be speaking with Syed Masood, author of The Bad Muslim Discount. It’s 1995, and Anvar Faris is a restless, rebellious, and sharp-tongued boy doing his best to grow up in Karachi, Pakistan. As fundamentalism takes root within the social order and the

Ep84 – Parabellum – Greg Hickey

On today’s episode, we welcome Greg Hickey back to the show! A former professional baseball player turned neuroscientist, turned author, he shares his psychological crime fiction entitled, Parabellum. A mass shooting at a Chicago beach leaves several dead and dozens injured. In the year before

Ep83 – Edge of the Map – Johanna Garton

Happy 2021! Today’s episode is for all you mountain climbers out there… both physical and metaphorical. We’re joined by Johanna Garton, author of Edge of the Map: The Mountain Life of Christine Boskoff. It’s a dramatic and inspiring adventure story based on the lives of

Ep82 – CABLOG – Dege Legg

On today’s episode, we speak with Dege Legg, multi-talented rock musician and author of, CABLOG – Diary of a Cabdriver. In this fuel-injected work of creative nonfiction, Grammy-nominated musician and award-winning writer Dege Legg aka Brother Dege recounts five years behind the wheel while documenting the

Ep81 – Api’s Berlin Diaries – Gabrielle Robinson

On today’s episode, Gabrielle Robinson shares her latest book entitled, Api’s Berlin Diaries: My Quest To Understand My Grandfather’s Nazi Past. After her mother’s death, Gabrielle found her grandfather’s diaries and discovered that he had been a member of the Nazi party. Her memoir juxtaposes

Ep80 – Eris Rising – Courtney Ramm

On today’s episode, author Courtney Ramm shares her unique and inspirational memoir, Eris Rising. Courtney was one of 229 offspring born from the controversial “Genius Sperm Bank”, a genetic experiment that existed in the 1980s and ’90s. With a predisposition for “genius”, Courtney found herself driven

Ep79 – Ace Boon Coon – Danny Gardner

On today’s episode, comedian, actor, writer and novelist Danny Gardner shares, Ace Boon Coon – The Tales of Elliot Caprice. It’s 1950s Illinois and Elliot Caprice has returned to his rural Southville homestead to help his uncle save the family farm, which is struggling through