Dante Wesley

Dante and Renetta Wesley decided to share their story. Yes, many stories have been told by sports professionals, but never has such an inspirational and astonishing tale been told in such a personal way. For Renetta and Dante, it all begins with God, then family. Renetta, the daughter of “strict-parents,” decided early on what she was looking for and what she had to offer in a relationship/marriage. Dante, who was raised in a totally different family structure, was taught “not to trust a woman.” Together Renetta and Dante developed a happy and successful marriage and today they are raising two incredible children — Skylar and Dante II. With this book, Dante and Renetta want to encourage couples to stand side-by-side as one in their desire to make their relationship or marriage a better one. By becoming totally vulnerable and honestly sharing their struggle and successes, they hope to help others find their own path to a long lasting and fulfilling relationship. As Renetta discovered, there’s no way a wife can guarantee her husband’s loyalty; his character and desire are what can predict whether he has the ability to stay true. In the end, Renetta found her foolproof formula to getting her “changed man”…through seeking, praying, and trusting God, first. For Dante, who experienced the world of professional football, it took longer for him to begin to understand the importance of commitment, trust, and the value of his family/marriage. Dante learned that developing good communication between he and his wife helped him keep his life in balance; and today he believes open and honest communication is the most important concept in developing and maintaining a happy and successful marriage. Dante clearly devoted time and energy to the NFL. • He played nine years in the NFL • Was drafted 100th pick in the 2002 draft • Played for the Carolina Panthers 2002-2005 • Played in Super Bowl XXXVIII • Was with the Chicago Bears 2005-2006 • Played in Super Bowl XLI • Played again for the Carolina Panthers 2006-2009 • Played for the Detroit Lions in 2010 Faith…Attraction…Communication…Trust…Sex — these are the areas that have become most important to Renetta and Dante in keeping their marriage alive and growing. Hopefully the same will be true for others who read their story.