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Welcome to one of the best book podcasts! The greatest stories ever written all begin with Chapter One! Each episode, our guest authors share their first chapters with you.

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Chapter One Podcast is one of the best book podcasts to discover new books to read, along with tips and tricks to better learn how to be a writer. Our show is a platform for authors of all genres and topics to present themselves and their stories unfiltered and uninterrupted in their own true voice. We’ve featured numerous authors of various genres, ranging from local writers to national best sellers and celebrities.  

If you are an author who’d like to be featured on the Chapter One Podcast, please send an email to info@ch1podcast.com

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Demethius Jackson is an award-winning, best selling author living in Dallas, TX. He is the author of The Realmsic Conquest Trilogy, which chronicles the struggles of earth’s only magical kingdom. Jackson is also an alumnus of American University’s School of Communications in Washington, D.C. Throughout his career, he’s held positions at global media and cinema companies.

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