A Twist of Tobacco

About the Book

A family is like A Twist of Tobacco, layered, folded and twisted until each leaf becomes inseparable.Ten-year-old Lizzie proudly watches her brothers, uncles and close neighbors ride off to war in their butternut uniforms. Forced to leave her childhood behind; with five younger brothers and sisters to care for, will she have the courage to honor a promise made to her dying mother?  Journey into the war torn hills of Middle Tennessee, the blood bath that was Chickamauga and the hell hole of Rock Island Prison.

Genre: General Fiction
ASIN: B01C0S42K8
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About the Author
Rita Ownby Holcomb

Rita Ownby Holcomb is a fourth generation Texan who has always been fascinated by the question, "Where did we come from?" Her earliest memories are of asking her grandparents where they were born and what their families were like. This quest for knowledge coupled with a love of all things historical has led to the birth of this series of novels based on her father's family and their home in Tennessee.

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