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What rhymes with Google, or Beyoncé, or better yet, what rhymes with ORANGE? This book full of words that rhyme has all the answers! With over 50,000 rhyming entries, this essential reference tool will help songwriters, poets, and advertisers overcome writer’s block and quickly find the right rhyming word. It features slang, phrases, idioms, and pop-culture terms, not just dictionary words. Compiled using Family Rhyme and Slant Rhyme, it gives you far more rhyme options than traditional Exact Rhyme. This allows; ORANGE, FOREIGN, WARREN, and FLORENCE to rhyme together. Pick up this book today to tremendously widen your margins of creativity!

Genre: Reference
ASIN: 0991273516
ISBN: 0991273516
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About the Author
Romane Armand

When it comes to rhymes, he wrote the book on it. Literally. Romane Armand spent over a decade compiling Book of Rhymes, a unique reference book full of words that rhyme together. He created Book of Rhymes to help fellow creatives, such as poets and songwriters, quickly find rhyming words. To mark the publication of his rhyming dictionary, he set the Guinness World Record for Longest Freestyle Rap, in which he improvised rap lyrics for 24 hours straight, with no more than a 3-second break. Romane was born in Haiti and raised in Roxbury, MA. In his free time, he enjoys playing peek-a-boo with his niece, Poet, lecturing at high schools and universities, and writing song lyrics.

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