God’s Army to Purge Homosexuality (GAPH)

About the Book

A Private Investigator and a Bodyguard are asked to go undercover to infiltrate a terrorist group.

Nothing out of the ordinary here, except that the Private Investigator is Gay and the Bodyguard is a lesbian and the terrorists sole purpose is to eradicate homosexuals in the United States.

Can the pair stop the madman who leads the group before they kill hundreds of thousands of people?

Genre: General Fiction
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About the Author
B. Alan Bouresgois

B. Alan Bourgeois has written on a variety of subjects using a wide selection of styles. His first story, "$200 Allan," which is based on a true story, was published in a 1990 California Prison newsletter. That initial thrill from writing that story set him on his current path. Over the years he has written articles for newspapers and magazines, plus short stories and fantasies.

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