Ida Mae Tutweiler & The Traveling Tea Party

About the Book

Ida Mae Tutweiler and The Traveling Tea Party… the basis for the popular Hallmark TV movie Bound By a Secret. Brew yourself a nice hot cup of tea (Ida Mae would suggest Earl Grey), curl up on the couch with lots of pillows and enjoy. This is book is about love. It’s about the abiding love between a mother and daughter, and the passionate love between a man and a woman. But mostly it’s about the special love between best friends forever. Woven through the tapestry of a life-long friendship is the story of quiet, reserved Ida Mae Tutweiler and flamboyant daytime TV star, Jane Tetley. It’s about life and death, hope and the comfort to be found in a quiet afternoon cup of tea. Included are some of Ida Mae’s favorite recipes for your own special tea-time. This e-book edition also tells the delightful story of the author’s experiences on the Hollywood Little House on the Prairie set where the movie was filmed. The movie stars Meredith Baxter, Lesley Ann Warren and Timothy Bottoms. It has aired numerous times since its release in March 2009. And on the tea tray? Put a box of tissues. You are going to need them.

Genre: General Fiction
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About the Author
Ginnie Bivona

Every writer dreams of seeing their work turned into a movie. Mostly, it never goes past the day-dreaming stage. As voluble as Ginnie can be on any other occasion (just ask her kids) she has to scramble for the right words to express her amazement and delight about the turn of events that ended in a movie theater, sitting with about 300 of her closest friends, watching the Hallmark movie, Bound By A Secret, based on her novel "Ida Mae Tutweiler & the Traveling Tea Party." Also starring the author (for about 2 seconds)Talk about exciting! The cake in the photos was presented to me on the set. The other picture is on the way to the set. Which turned out to be The Little House on the Prairie. That was an experience all by itself. Ginnie recently published an updated version of her almost famous cookbook, "Dirty Dining, A Cookbook and More for Lovers, Second Edition." The romantic scenarios are hilarious, the recipes are great and the fun is unlimited. And lest you think Ginnie isn't creative...that's her daughter (and daughter's husband) on the cover, and her oldest son took the photo. Who else do you know gives birth to the cover model and the cover artist for their books?? Now just released in March 2013 is a collection of short stories titled "The Secret Lives of Ordinary Women" Of course, none of them are ordinary. Ginnie doesn't know how to do ordinary. Now she is hard at work on a new cookbook. Stay tuned.

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