The Working Girl’s Guide to Rehabbing Houses

About the Book

The Working Girl’s Guide to Rehabbing Houses is an inspiring example of how pushing past your fears and taking one big calculated risk can make your dreams a reality.

Meet Kelly Campbell – For the majority of her rehabbing career, Kelly Campbell worked as corporate consultant until discovering her purpose as a trainer and motivational speaker. She has poured her heart and 12 years of real estate experience into this intensely focused guide, incorporating real-life examples from her experiences as a rehabber including tips specific to women and those who are working a job or full-time business.

You will gain a solid understanding of what it takes to rehab houses for profit successfully and how to avoid some common pitfalls. Most importantly, you will come to understand the importance of befriending your fear and daring to create a life you love.

As a bonus, Kelly will teach you “the Sell,” a system for earning more money ($5,000-15,000) selling any home!
This book is an introduction for the newbie investor, packed with content to prime the reader for a great start.

Rehabbing houses is one of many vehicles that can fund your dreams, adventures, business goals, and legacy when you overcome your fears and dare to live life on your own terms.

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About the Author
Kelly Campbell

Kelly Campbell is a sought after author, speaker, & coach. She has authored three books including: “The Working Woman’s Guide to Rehabbing Houses”, “The Working Woman’s Guide to Finding the Right Contractor” as well as “Instant Author: The Working Woman’s Guide to Writing a Book in 30 Days” . After building a successful real estate business, rehabbing homes in the DC Metro Area, Kelly launched her first real-estate program called Rehab 101: Six Figures in Six Months teaching new investors the skills they needed to earn substantial profits fixing and flipping houses. Today Kelly helps women struggling in soul sucking careers DARE to design their lives, DARE to take action, and DARE to turn their knowledge & expertise into wealth.

Kelly’s ‘Rehabbing Houses for Big Profits’ program teaches the fundamentals and tricks of the trade for new investors looking to break into the business of rehabbing houses. Her Instant Author Retreats help individuals with unique expertise, who would be authors, speakers, and infopreneurs, put their knowledge onto paper, clarify and monetize their message and then package their expertise into programs and services for multiple income streams. Kelly takes complex tasks, like writing your first book or starting a new business, and transforms them into simple, bite size chunks to support her clients in taking action to achieve their goals and dreams.

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