Un-American Acts

About the Book

Un-American Acts focuses on identity and invisibility of African American and other underrepresented youth in the U.S. society and schooling. Presented are a series of chapters rooted in critical theory, aesthetics, and moral imagination that are intended to serve as prompts for crucial conversations and for engaging in critical reflective pedagogy in educational leadership and educational studies. Chapters center on events that have transpired in Ferguson, Staten Island, South Carolina, and elsewhere in the U.S. as well as on other relevant concerns that have had a profound impact on perceptions of race and identity in our nation’s educational systems.

Genre: Non-Fiction
ASIN: 9463007210
ISBN: 9789463003261
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About the Author
Dr. Cornell Thomas

Dr. Cornell Thomas strives to create teaching and learning environments where all serve as both teacher and learner. Highly engaged, active, and experiential learning brings focus to every course that he plans and teaches. His primary focus here is to cause each learner to better understand who they are and the social, political, economic, and educational issues that impact all of our lives, though in often much different ways. He believes that we all share knowledge, research, and interpret personal experiences in these teaching and learning environments. Most important, we discuss the possibilities for improvement. While we discuss current classroom and school environments, much of our time is spent on the type of interchange that leads to actions designed to help make teaching and learning environments better, for all students. We work to empower ourselves, and others, to better understand the present and then find ways to improve the future.

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