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Ep88 – The Candle Of Crest – A Rhyming Epic Adventure

On today’s episode I’d like to share with you my latest audiobook entitled, The Candle of Crest – A Rhyming Epic-Adventure! Also known as audio dramas, or graphic audio, this version features a fully rhyming magical tale complete with music and sound effects. As Earth’s only magical

Ep62 – Immortal Girl5 – Griffin Stark

On today’s episode we speak with Griffin Stark, the author of Immortal Girl5 and the Sheep Dog Anti-Bullying Movement! Within his book, Rachel, Skylar, Caitlin, Beth and Bethany are all eighteen, immortal and can fly. But that is where the similarities end for these five forever

Ep58 – The Realmsic Conquest Trilogy – Demethius Jackson

I’m both excited… and anxious to share with you, The Realmsic Conquest Trilogy! While I’ve been producing the podcast, I’ve been quietly finishing my saga of the world’s only magic kingdom and their quest for peace. On today’s episode, I’ll be reading from The Hero

Ep53 – Revolt – Tracy Lawson

On our final episode of 2018, author Tracy Lawson shares her compelling saga entitled, Revolt which is the explosive conclusion of her Award-Winning Resistance Series. Fans of dystopian stories and tv shows like Black Mirror will love reading Revolt! To Deny Freedom is to Deny

Ep51 – City of Shards – Steve Rodgers

On today’s episode, author Steve Rodgers shares his epic fantasy novel, City of Shards. In the Wormpile district, gangs rule the streets, urchins assault each other with minor magic, and the people boil under the sway of a monstrous god. There, Larin suffers tourette-like outbursts

Ep45 – The Engineer- Darran M. Handshaw

Today’s episode is for Sci-Fi and Fantasy book lovers! Author Darran M. Handshaw will be sharing his incredibly detailed and action-filled novel entitled, The Engineer: A Chronicles of Actaeon Story. When the Engineer, Actaeon, arrives at Pyramid in the heart of Redemption, nothing goes according

Ep32 – Apocalypse All The Time – David S. Atkinson

With all of the holiday cheer in the air, what better time to talk about the apocalypse? In this episode, I speak with David S. Atkins, who will be reading from his book entitled,  Apocalypse All the Time. The story is post-post-apocalypticism. The apocalypse happens

Ep15 – Destiny Revealed – Cris Pasqueralle

In this episode, I speak with Cris Pasqueralle, a former NYC police officer who now writes the Destiny Trilogy, fantasy novels that express the importance of family. He will be reading from his first novel entitled, Destiny Revealed. Within the story, twins Jack and Maddie Austin

Ep3 – Olympia – Kris Kramer

In this Chapter One episode, I speak with author Kris Kramer. He will be reading from his Fantasy book entitled, Olympia. In the late 21st century, economic and religious upheavals led to widespread unrest, and then to a devastating world war. As cities began to