Ep3 – Olympia – Kris Kramer

In this Chapter One episode, I speak with author Kris Kramer. He will be reading from his Fantasy book entitled, Olympia. In the late 21st century, economic and religious upheavals led to widespread unrest, and then to a devastating world war. As cities began to

Ep2 – The Convict and the Rose – Jan Sikes

In this Chapter One episode, I speak with author Jan Sikes. She will be reading from her Creative Non-Fiction book entitled, The Convict and the Rose. In the sequel to Flowers and Stone, Luke and Darlina find their love severely tested as they struggle to

Chapter One Podcast is Launching in April!

  Chapter One Podcast The Chapter One Podcast will be launching in April 2016! Discover good books to read! Check us out on iTunes and everywhere podcasts are streamed. The greatest stories ever written all begin with Chapter One! Each episode, our guest authors will share their